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Straight Skinny is an unsigned rock duo that formed between estranged cousins Eddy Birth and Sean Birth in late 2016. They each grew up knowing the other was a musician, but it took a while for the two wannabe rock stars to link up. It was clear after the first couple jam sessions that the similar DNA pulsing through their veins allowed them to sync up musically. This project has brought them and their families closer together, and they extend their musical creations to friends, family, and the public in hopes of bringing everyone in this dysfunctional world closer together.


As the name implies, Eddy’s lyrical messages often center on revealing the straight skinny with regards to life’s challenges, expectations, vulnerabilities, and aspirations.  

Eddy’s unique songwriting ability combined with Sean’s aggressive and passionate drumming style creates a wide variety of sounds that let you enjoy the energy of a full rock band while also experiencing the deliberate and straight forward intimacy found in the music’s simplicity. A cohesion of genres are showcased proving the groups versatility. There's a little bit of rock, an ounce of pop, a splash of reggae and a touch of hip hop that blends together to create something unforgettable. 

Stay tuned for upcoming shows, music, and shenanigans!

Eddy Birth Singer-songwriter multi instrumentalist (2016-Present)

Eddy Birth is Straight Skinny's front man who brings passion and energy to the stage for every show. As a multi-instrumentalist, he plays harmonica, ukulele, piano, and accordion while simultaneously singing and rapping. Eddy is the lyricist and main songwriter for the band and is passionate about delivering a message that will better the world, impact today's youth, and inspire people to think for themselves. 

Earlier in his career, Eddy released a solo EP titled "The Same Way" with Grammy nominated producer Chris Steinmetz. They have been working together at Stonecutter Studios in Chicago ever since, and Chris is producing Straight Skinny's debut album: SPEAK. 



SEAN Birth Percussionist (2016-Present)


Sean Birth is Straight Skinny's heartbeat. Bringing passionate percussion to every show, his rhythm keeps the crowd rocking all night long. With intricate patterns, enthusiasm, and costume changes, Sean brings an unparalleled element to every song. 

After learning to play the drums in grade school, he has been in several bands but never found his stride quite like he has playing with Straight Skinny. You can also catch Sean banging away on the djembe drum when Straight Skinny plays acoustic sets!


Where We've PLayed

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We've Opened For: 

Gary Hoey

The Smoking Popes

Enuff Z'Nuff

Press Coverage: 

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